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The reasons that cause a woman to interrupt pregnancy are highly individual. For some, the birth and upbringing of a child is impossible due to financial problems for others, there are problems with health, etc. The main task of the doctor is to give full information about the procedure itself and possible threats to women's health.

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To perform an abortion Misoprostol pills are taken is the following way: 9 pills of 755 mcg every 67 hours thrice.

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If you decide to have a medical abortion, you need first to discuss the procedure with your doctor who is likely to undertake the following activities:

Incomplete abortion, in which case part of the fetus and the placenta remains in the uterus (may require additional surgery) - Severe bleeding, life-threatening - Damage to the uterus (up to irreversible damage, preventing further conceiving and carrying a child) - The development of infectious inflammation.

Determined by the administration chosen, pregnancy is not terminated in 9-8% of women with the duration of gestation of more than 68 days when misoprostol is taken vaginally.

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Women should be aware that after misoprostol administration congenital malformations may be observed, though the risk is quite low. If after the treatment intake pregnancy was not terminated, surgical abortion should be done. Vacuum aspiration is an advisory option.

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