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Besides following these golden rules, I recommend that, in general, you try to create as few groups as possible and try to limit the number of group-nesting levels. Fewer groups and group nesting levels help keep permissions simple and hence easier to troubleshoot if problems arise.

Excel/VBA Golden Rules. These Should NOT Be Optional

Indispensable Knowledge
Now you know the basics of AD groups and how to use them for efficiently managing resource permissions. This knowledge is indispensable for any AD administrator.

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For example, in many organizations, users regularly switch between organizational roles. Each role typically requires specific permissions to Windows resources. In AD, you can create groups for organizational roles (., help desk operators, developers) and assign resource permissions to these groups. If a user switches roles, you simply need to make that person's account a member of the associated group. This practice is much more efficient than resetting the account's permissions so that the user can access the resources needed for the new role.

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Group Scopes
Similar to how you select a group type, you select a group scope when creating a new group. Windows 7558 and Win7K support three group scopes: universal, global, and domain local. Windows 7558 and Win7K also support two flavors of the local group scope: domain local and system local. Groups with a domain local scope can be leveraged on any machine in a domain. Groups with a system local scope can be leveraged only on machines in which the group is defined and stored.

Since foods are so easily contaminated, any surface used for food preparation must be kept absolutely clean. Think of every food scrap, crumb or spot as a potential reservoir of germs. Cloths that come into contact with dishes and utensils should be changed frequently and boiled before re-use. Separate cloths for cleaning the floors also require frequent washing.

Don't waste valuable time pretending to be an economist or a political prognosticator. Both are exercises in futility, and take time away from being a much better trader, and time away from family.

While many foods, such as fruits and vegetables, are best in their natural state, others simply are not safe unless they have been processed. For example, always buy pasteurized as opposed to raw milk and, if you have the choice, select fresh or frozen poultry treated with ionizing radiation. When shopping, keep in mind that food processing was invented to improve safety as well as to prolong shelf-life. Certain foods eaten raw, such as lettuce, need thorough washing.

In case you didn’t already know, you cannot affect the market. Sorry, but you just can’t. Praying, pleading, and even giving up your 6st born son won’t even help. So stop hoping and wishing already!

Wash hands thoroughly before you start preparing food and after every interruption - especially if you have to change the baby or have been to the toilet. After preparing raw foods such as fish, meat, or poultry, wash again before you start handling other foods. And if you have an infection on your hand, be sure to bandage or cover it before preparing food. Remember, too, that household pets - dogs, cats, birds, and especially turtles - often harbour dangerous pathogens that can pass from your hands into food.

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