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Total Productive Maintenance (TPM): Team-based maintenance process designed to maximize machine availability and performance and product quality.

The Australian Payments System

Superannuation - A pension, for which regular sums are deducted from a person's salary while they are working, which is paid by an employer when the person retires from their job.

.Department of State - Background Notes: North Korea

E-Procurement - Electronic procurement. Businesses using the internet to purchase from, or sell goods and services to, other businesses.

Business and management dictionary and glossary of

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Radio Frequency (RF): A form of wireless communications that lets users relay information via electromagnetic energy waves from a terminal to a base station which is linked, in turn, to a host computer. The terminal can be placed at a fixed station, mounted on a forklift truck, or carried in a worker's hand. The base station contains a transmitter and receiver for communication with the terminal. RF systems use either narrow-band or spread-spectrum transmissions. Narrow-band data transmissions move along a single limited radio frequency, while spread-spectrum transmissions move across several different frequencies. When combines with a bar code system of identifying inventory items, a radio frequency system can relay data instantly, thus updating inventory records in so-called real time.

The first item would apply to &ldquo in-house&rdquo and other restricted entry schemes. The second might apply special purpose cards such as telephone access cards or transport payment cards. It might be argued, reasonably in my view, that single purpose payment cards are not a &ldquo payment system&rdquo that requires regulation.

Sponsor - A company or individual who helps to support, usually financially, a team, an event, such as a sports meeting or concert, etc., in return for publicity or to advertise their own company or product.

Container Chassis: A vehicle built for the purpose of transporting a container so that, when a container and chassis are assembled, the produced unit serves as a road trailer.

Design for Manufacture/Assembly (DFMA): A product design methodology that provides a quantitative evaluation of product designs.

Employment Equity - Promotes equal employment opportunities for everyone, regardless of gender, race, ability, etc.

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