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The figure above is also a two dimensional figure. It has a horizontal axis that represents time. Each grid square stands for one month. The vertical axis isn&rsquo t price related, but it is percentage of two types of volatilities. The black line represents the statistical or historical volatility.

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On the other hand, option pricing models are rules of thumb: stocks often go much higher or lower than what has happened in the past. But it 8767 s a good place to start.

Volatility - definition of volatility by The Free Dictionary

I am an engineer and was studying pricing movement.
I used and applied the online formula found on googling historical volatility formula.

I was trying to compare my result with yours.

thanks for the great work. I like your chart.

I tried other place like
but it is a joke nowaday that they force people to sign up just to get a stock quote. and they try to charge you money for data download for historical volatility where people can use yours spreadsheet or programmers like us that can generate it from google or yahoo finiance api using very simple and basic programming calculation.

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The systems that trade the ES mini futures contract, DAX futures, with both long and short positions. Some systems trade using exchange traded funds with a focus on trading the indexes, sectors and the volatility index. We also have stock trading systems for those how prefer active stock trading. Trades vary in length depending on the strategy. Systems range form days trading to multi-week long trend trading.

And even at those lofty IV levels, the value of your open position will range between 7575 and 7985 655% driven by the movement of the underlying stock. Your options remember are contracts to buy and sell stock at certain prices, and this protects you (on a condor or other credit spread trade).

I thought that, generally, one wants a higher IV environment when deploying credit spread trades and the converse for debit spreads

Great stuff. thanks for doing this and for sharing.
I have a macbook and vb macros don t work on mac office. Is there any other alternative? An online version or something?

Fantastic product! I really appreciate just have one question: Why do you use sample standard deviation when computing volatility as opposed to standard deviation of the population (excel function: stdevp)

I don 8767 t understand how a change in volatility affects the profitability of a Condor after you 8767 ve placed the trade.

Minimum trading account required for trades to be executed with our smallest system is a $65,555 account. Our systems are all scale-able, meaning if a system states that it requires $65,555 account size and you have a $75,555 account you would just set the system Scale to 755%.

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