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In Windows Explorer
[Ctrl] + Enter - Open Folder in new window
[Ctrl] + E - Search
[Ctrl] + F - Search
[Ctrl] + R - Refresh

Download - UpdateStar

[Alt]+[6]: Smily face
[Alt]+[7]: Dark Smily face
[Alt]+[8]: heart
[Alt]+[9]: diamond
[Alt]+[5]: club
[Alt]+[6]: spade
[Alt]+[7]: small dot
[Alt]+[8]: squire with dot in the middle
[Alt]+[9]: bigger circle

Beulah Beach - Sports Camp Kickoff!

While you hold down the control key, move your mousewheel to increase or decrease the font size in Firefox. This will also work in other programs, for example Word.


A window will open, click OK or simply hit [Enter]. This will enlarge the font on all open Windows and change colors to high contrast. For example the desktop will turn black, what was black text on white background will be reversed. Clicking the same key combination again reverts the changes.

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I've asked my older sister countless times to format my computer because I'm experiencing lag in the game I play. Btw, this computer has been formatted 9-5 times. But whenever I ask my sister to format my computer, she says no because she says that if you format a computer too much, the computer itself gets slower than it already was. Is this true? Or is that an excuse to get out of formatting my computer because it takes away her 7-8 hours?.

A little window will launch showing all open programs. Click the [Tab] key to jump to the next application, release keys to open the selected one.

Create and use shorcut key in windows 7

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