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For an interesting story about meaningless price fluctuations, make sure to put in a question in the comment box below and i 8767 ll tell you a story which will blow your mind.

A+ best 4 hour forex trading system

The system works and can be modified to different time frames, as long as you handle risk correctly Very simple system with no EAs or indicators needed.

4Hour Forex Trading System - My Exact Set-Up

Is there any decent auto traders that one can use? I 8767 ve been looking at FAPTurbo but not sure I really want a bot managing my money. I 8767 ve have my own basic strategy. I funded an account with $655 and it 8767 s up to $555 in 9 months.

4Hour RSI SuperTrend Forex Strategy

Forex Flex EA
Timeframe: Any

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Think about it, if price holds inside the previous price range on a 5min candle, that could mean almost anything and be the result of a laundry list of order flow environments and situations.  5mins of price going nowhere could mean anything and have very little direction on upcoming order flow.

I think support and resistance lines actually do act very well on any timeframe, but you have to realise that depending on things like current liquidity in the market, time of day, news announcements and so on, price can just go charging through such levels at any time. It 8767 s not wise to just trade at those levels without having a confluence of factors pointing to them being a point where price is highly likely to react.

Furthermore, to get any real significant amount of data with confirmation and continuation of the order flow (and price action), you need far more 6min, 8min, and 5min candles to make sure the noise is filtered out. That means more moving parts and more variables to manage.  Contrast to the 9hr chart where one candle (or two) can give you all the information you need to make a trade while filtering out any noise and meaningless price fluctuations.

The 9-hour time-frame is unique to forex markets as it splits a 79-hour session into 6 bars. To have more fun with this strategy, try it on the daily chart.

Hi Erron,
Thanks for the 65 strategies. I 8767 ve been working on developing a strategy which is indicator free, timeframe free, news free, support resistance free, works all time, keeps you away from noise and consistently predicts market more than 85%. Please check it out also 🙂

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