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But it is not just the . military spending. In fact, as Jan Oberg argues , western militarism often overlaps with civilian functions affecting attitudes to militarism in general. As a result, when revelations come out that some Western militaries may have trained dictators and human rights violators, the justification given may be surprising, which we look at in the next page.

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The illegal international drugs trade is estimated to be worth more than $955 billion, coming second only to military expenditure.

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He regularly lights up our screens on Skeem Saam but you best believe that actor Clement Maosa also has the moves to heat up the dance floor.

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Just because they have both recently launched online radio platforms, that doesn't mean they are pulling an EFF and ANC on us. The opposite, actually.

For USA’s 7567 military expenditure, for example, although there is fall, it is primarily related to war-spending (Iraq and Afghanistan operations primarily). But the baseline defense budget, by comparison, is largely similar to other years (marking a reduction in the rate of increased spending).

Some argue that high US military spending allows other nations to spend less. But this view seems to change the order of historical events:

Sharp also adds that when the war supplemental for Iraq and Afghanistan are considered, the US budget is already over the 9% mark. The other concerns is that tying it to GDP eases the debate that would otherwise occur on the issue:

The Geographic Support System Initiative will integrate improved address coverage, spatial feature updates, and enhanced quality assessment and measurement.

A new pre-paid debit card specifically for African Americans has the potential to empower people of color, put badly needed funds into the "frontlines" of our inner city church charities, give assistance to young African American adults seeking a better education or trade and spread the message to go your own way.

For example, Christopher Hellman, an expert on military budget analysis notes in The Runaway Military Budget: An Analysis , ( Friends Committee on National Legislation , March 7556, no. 755, p. 8) that military spending had been rising since at least 6998, if not earlier.

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