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Hi there, I think those sources that you mention are misleading. Not all gaps fill that is true. However, you can put the odds in your favour. For example, you can choose to only trade gaps that allow you to trade in the direction of the main trend. This means that if the major trend is UP, then only take gap downs and if the trend is DOWN then only take gap ups. The other thing you can do as well is avoid taking gaps on low probability days like Mondays (and also options expiry fridays). Hope it helps.

Day Trading Strategy | A Simple Strategy to Day Trade The

Are their any indicators that you use predict these or strategies you employ for when things move in the opposite direction?

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All of these things add up to website that is easy to use, gives a potentially high return on investment, is regulated and has all the educational tools necessary to make any level trader more skillful.

Alessio thank you VERY much for your videos and blog you are full of knowledge and have helped me since I am a beginner in the market. I actually heard about the E-mini a few months ago, but decided against it because it seemed too complicated. Now you inspired me to try it!

They have generous deposit and investment limits and they work under the excellent regulatory supervision of theTrusted Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission. They also offer some of the highest returns on investment of any binary options broker.

Hi Alessio, Thanks for the video teaching, but why it must be 8 mintues chart and not a daily chart?
Can you please show me or to all who are new to this trade, another video showing Day Trade strategy with short?

65) If the gap does not fill by just before 66:65 EST (the close), then exit the market for either a small gain or loss. If your stop gets hit I do not suggest re-entering the market for me the gap trade is over for the day.

Jared the answer is yes you can programme it to do that. very good point. Some people like the thrill of watching the trade as it happens.

i like the way u share your knowledge, its just a humble thing to do in our field actually. good work btw i 8767 m a Trader too, trades on Indian Exchanges.

Hi guys im still a beginner in this whole trading system and was wondering when you said 65YM(dow e-mini) Contracts = $55 points what those that actually mean in this video you bought at 65,779 and stopped at 65,855 which = 86 Points.. correct? and that would mean each point= $55? so 86 *55= 6555 for all 65 contracts you have??

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