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The Plaza Mayor is the pulse of Salamanca here students can be found in large groups, enjoying tapas, coffees and drinks in the numerous cafes, restaurants and bars. It is also common to see local university students getting together on the streets of Salamanca in the warmer seasons, to hold impromptu parties.

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Alicante is big enough to offer interesting cultural / spare time activities but for a long-term Spanish study it might be interesting to combine Alicante with another destination.

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Some locals in Alicante speak a language called Valenciano alongside Spanish this can make it harder to get to know a part of the population, especially during longer stays when students usually want to interact more with the people in the area. Staying in Alicante from 7 weeks to 8-9 months, or combining it with another immersion destination, is ideal. Suggested cities that combine well with Alicante are Salamanca and Granada, which offer a completely different cultural perspective, and have cheap living costs.

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Most people in Alicante speak Spanish but there are still some people that prefer speaking Valenciano, which can make it difficult to get to know part of the population. Everyone speaks Spanish, however, since it s the official language.

The architecture and the amount of monuments and other places you can visit, they have enough to keep you busy for 6 weeks

Elizaveta Slasareva Valencia School I thought my first day was going to be difficult but thanks to the teachers it was incredible! More testimonials

A mid-sized Mediterranean town, Alicante boasts a perfect climate, beautiful beaches, and great nightlife. Far from just a fun in the sun destination, however, the city offers plenty of cultural activities as well as proximity to Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia.

"ENFOREX is the leading organization trusted by students who want to learn Spanish through linguistic and cultural immersion programs at Spanish schools throughout Spain & Latin America."

Alicante was a real living city which I wasnt really expecting- avoided bars like tge plague and only heard Spanish which was perfect as an authentic experience for me.

Salamanca is a beautiful, historic university city located in Castile and Leon, an autonomous area in the central western part of Spain. It is highly recommended for students who are interested in stunning old architecture, a diverse and lively student population, a busy nightlife scene and a friendly atmosphere. People from Salamanca also have a reputation for speaking in a &ldquo pure&rdquo Castilian Spanish accent, which is easy for foreign students to understand. Salamanca lends itself especially well to long-term immersion stays of 6 months to 6 year, but is also enjoyable to visit during just a few weeks or months.

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