Apart of The Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre

For towns, each building is described, along with what and who can you can talk to, who to buy skills from, and what quests are available. For the outlying areas, the dungeons are listed.

1World Trade Center: TIME's View From The Top Of NYC

At this point, you've been to the areas that the northwest, northeast, west, and southwest eighths lead to. So head to the east eighth and jump down. It leads back to a door in a room that you've already been to. Return and jump down the north eighth. At the end of this corridor, you'll find a Crystal Skull in a chest. This is important. The skull allows you to unward doors. Return to the start. In order to open this chest, you need the chest key you got from the Fallen Defender earlier.

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All of the rooms in this area are very uninteresting. The northernmost room has a button that opens the east door in the main area. Going through that door finds another uninteresting area with a button opening the center door located in the easternmost room.

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The entrance area has two pools that restore hit points and magic points. You'll need them, as the slimes and devils you'll find in this dungeon will probably try your patience.

When the corridor turns northwards, continue past the door (its locked -- you need the Teleporter Key) and keep going downards. You will arrive in a large room with a pool. Head out the tunnel to the west side of the room and follow it all of the way around the pool room. Then take the pair of corridors to the south that branch off of the corridor going around the pool room.

The correct order to pray is just to follow the order the plaque states: Life must be prayed at first, followed by Accuracy, Might, Endurance, Speed, and Luck. Doing this will unlock the main door with the plaque. Procede down that corridor.

Great -- now where's the treasure room? Return to the large altar and go to the ledge on the north side of the room. At the end of the ledge (to the west), there is an invisible door in the corner. In this room, there is a chest that contains the Chime of Harmony, needed to solve quest 7 , and another treasure key. The treasure key can be used to open a similar secret door in the south wall. That room opens into piles of money.

When you enter the temple, there will be a very large room just in front of you, with a small room in the center and four doors leading off in the four cardinal directions. There are also tunnels that lead in each of the secondary directions (NE, SE, SW, and NW). These diagonal tunnels aren't that important, except that the critters in there should be cleared out before they distrub you at a bad time. The witches' brew that you will find in some of the corners will raise you magic resistance by 6% permanently.

In the Well, turn to the northeast and click on the "Control Room Entry" area. This opens the door and lets out a number of Patrol and Enforcer units at you. Go through this room (the lights keep turning off and on while you're here), and in the back of the room there is a chest that requires the VARN chest key to open. Inside that chest is a Control Cube -- the cube you need to complete quest 98.

From this room, head through the west door. In the next room there is a chest on the far side of the room. As you walk near the chest (which is empty), a wall will lower, releasing some Maddening Eyes into the room. The room then continues with a corridor to the north.

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