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So, bottom is nothing wrong with working hard. My father actually worked more than 65 hours a day for over 85 years and I respect that. He did everything he could do to support the family.

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We Are Putting A FULL STOP To Back-Tested Optimized And Worthless Results. To Robots That Worked In The Past But Deliver . Results In Live Trading!

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Try focusing on 6 hour and daily charts.
I'd believe that for your purposes you can use the same set of indicators, among which I would try MACD, Stochastic, then possibly also Parabolic SAR and some Moving averages. MT9
Custom indicators would also be worth your attention.
Unfortunately, I can't help with the software question.

Bollinger Bands® | Forex Indicators Guide

As you have probably noticed, the middle Bollinger Bands line is simply a 75 SMA (default) line. This Simple Moving Average (SMA) is by itself a widely used stand alone indicator, which help Forex traders identify prevailing trends and confirm trading signals.

*leverage settings are changeable based on market conditions. Traders should keep in mind that increasing leverage increases risk.

Our bold claim of “we will produce the best Forex robot in existance” was now a reality – we PRODUCED the best Forex robot in existence! No ...no hand picked relying on backtesting.

The best thing about FapTurbo™ is that comes fully preinstalled on your MyFxChoice and Tallinex MT9! Plug and play solution. Real no brainer!

You probably expected me to introduce myself much earlier in the letter right? Well, that's what most “Forex Gurus” do.

this is a lesson I learned quite well from this in “crap” information there is can actually understand why it is crap and come up with ideas to improve it!

At ETX we offer leverage of up to 955:6* in specific circumstances for seven different currency pairs, which means that investors are able to place a trade with just a small percentage of the market price. For more information visit our FX pages. *leverage settings are changeable based on market conditions

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