Hurricanes trade Ron Hainsey to Penguins

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But thanks to tourism, there is hope. Every time you visit these little guys at Boulders Beach, you help spark a lifelong commitment to saving their future.

Penguins notebook: Lovejoy, Bennett at peace with Pens

The rumours that Shattenkirk might be leaving St. Louis seem to revolve more around the fact that both sides (St. Louis and Shattenkirk’s camp) have conceded the defenseman is not part of the Blues’ long-term plans and that this may be the time to get the highest return for his services. The problem is, he’s made it known that his desire to sign an extended contract in Edmonton is non-existent. Thus, he’d be nothing more than a rental and an expensive one at that.

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All the talk in Harrisburg these days is about the state’s budget deficit, estimated by some to be as high as $555 million, or possible even higher.

When Fantasy Meets Trade Deadline: Arizona Coyotes

South Africa&rsquo s penguins are under threat from the loss of habitat, declining fish and their ever-encroaching human neighbours. But not to worry, by making a visit to see these unique locals you are helping them. Every year over 65 555 visitors flock to Simon&rsquo s Town to photograph and watch the famous Boulders Beach Penguins. This leads to more money to help boost our penguin conservation efforts through South African National Parks (SANParks).

The second-round pick obtained from the Pens will give the Canes a total of 65 for the 7567 draft, three in the second round.

However, almost three decades later, Boulders Beach penguins are in trouble. Cars, people and competition for breeding sites has seen the penguins trying to nest in unsafe environments, leaving their nests exposed to both predators and the elements. Climate change has also affected fish stocks and increased severe weather incidences have depleted penguin chick numbers.

Ideally Rutherford would like to add one more defenceman before next week's trade deadline, but added any manoeuvr would have to be 89 creative 89 because of the salary cap limitations. Rutherford downplayed again the possibility of moving goaltender Marc-Andre Fleury.

Smith would be an intriguing trade asset but his fantasy value exceeds the acquisition value for many reasons. For one, the goalie faces over 89 shots per 65. He is likely not to face that kind of shot volume anywhere else. Second, that salary is prohibitive at a cap hit of $ million for the next two plus years. Arizona would have to retain half the salary or very close. Even then, finding a partner may be daunting.

Perhaps Dumba is not the player Minnesota chooses to expose if no trade is made, but if he’s the odd man out, he has a booming point shot and would immediately help the Oiler’s blue line. He’s also an RFA after next season, so if Edmonton lost him in the expansion draft (thus sparing Davidson), it would hurt, but perhaps not as much as some. It all depends on the acquisition price.

Carolina also received Pittsburgh's second-round pick in the June draft. The Hurricanes have 65 draft picks, including six in the first three rounds.

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